Here you can find answers to your most common questions.

I don’t have a car. Will you come to my home?
We understand that lack of transportation can sometimes make it difficult to go to appointments, especially if you have more than one child. Therefore, we ask the people on the Project ABC team to visit you in your home whenever possible. However, there are groups and other activities that are only held at one of the agency offices or other central locations.
Do you provide transportation to your services?
We have limited funds for transportation at different times throughout the year and must work hard to make sure we are helping the families with the biggest challenges. When there are group services and other activities at our agency sites, we will review each situation and seek transportation resources whenever possible.
How long are the appointments, and how many appointments will I have?
Typically, the appointments are a little less than an hour. However, if you feel you need more time, you can let us know so we can plan to set up a longer visit. The number of appointments depends on the plan that you and the Project ABC team come up with. Usually, we like to work with families for about 6-8 months.
Can you provide services in different languages?
All of the Project ABC partners provide services in more than one language, although not all services can be provided in every language. Your Project ABC team will help you find the support you need in the language that works best for your family.
Can you tell me what is wrong with my child? I’m afraid he/she is autistic or has ADHD.
In Project ABC, we like to work with the entire family to learn together how to create the safest, most supportive environment for your child. In order to do this, we meet with you and your child to understand what is working and what is needed for the relationship to feel secure and happy. If we have concerns about autism, ADHD or any other issue that is beyond our area of expertise, we may suggest further assessments from one of our partner agencies or Regional Center.
Can you provide financial assistance?
Project ABC is an early childhood mental health initiative and does not have the resources to provide financial assistance directly. Depending on the need you are trying to fill, we may be able to assist you in finding other sources of support in the community based on your individual needs (e.g., GAIN/CalWORKs).
How else can you help my family? Can you assist with basic needs?
Project ABC works with a team, and we understand that a family’s concerns must often be attended to first before we can have any conversations about mental health. If your family needs support with issues such as food, clothing or other needs, we may work with you to find food banks, clothing distribution sites or other locations to obtain free or low-cost items.

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