Who We Are

Project ABC is a collaborative partnership among professionals in child welfare, mental health and community services designed to create a system of care for young children in Los Angeles County who would benefit from mental health services.

Project ABC’s goal is to ensure that children from birth to 5 years have access to services that are family-centered, strength-based, trauma- and developmentally informed and culturally competent.

Families are key partners in everything we do, and we are guided by the family voice and choice and the strengths of each family to plan and deliver services that will result in the best possible care for their children. As full partners, family members participate on teams that identify services and make decisions about how best to work with their own children, as well as helping to improve services for other families in their community.

Community-based, infant/early childhood mental health treatment programs provide families with needed services and supports when families identify challenges working through atypical behaviors in very young children or managing challenging family experiences.